A Christmas Carol


text: Anon 15th century


SATB (with preferable, but optional, organ)


duration: 3:45


Having been handed down over five centuries there are now many versions of this late fifteenth century lullaby. Consequently, it is possible to replace much of the text presented here with variants - or even complete alternative verses. For example, the opening line is often seen as ‘This endris night’ which could, if preferred, be used instead of the more widely understood (but perhaps more ordinary) ‘The other night’.

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The other night

I saw a light!

A star as bright as day!

And e'er among

A maiden sung:

"By-by, baby, lullay."


This virgin clear

Who had no peer

Unto her son did say,

"I pray thee, son,

Grant me a boon

To sing by-by, lullay."


"Let child or man,

Whoever can

Be merry on this day,

And blessings bring,

So I shall sing

'By-by, baby lullay.' "