Celtic Fanfares (large orch. 32 mins)

Overland to the Sea (medium orch. 8 mins)

Ghost Train (large orch. 12 mins)

Micro Symphony (medium orch. 10 mins)

E.G.G (large orch. 6 mins)

The Great Little Trains of Wales  (large orch. 24 mins)

High Aldons (large orch. 6 mins)


Voice with Orchestra

In a Blue Sky (soprano & med. orch. 4 mins)

Entwined  (soprano & small orch.)

Maze Stone  (soprano & small orch.)


Cello with Orchestra

Wistful Elegy (cello & small orch.)

Arboles Llorando (with horns, piano, harp and strings. 6.20)


multi-movement 'sonatas' for various instrumental combinations

Academic Sonata No 1 (for flute and piano) Op. 1

Overland to the Sea (string Quartet)

Isca (flute, viola, and harp)

Lotus Effect (alto sax and harp)

Mearc (flute/violin and piano)

The Glittering Plain (alto sax, jazz piano trio, and string quartet)

single movement pieces

Theme Park (brass quintet)

High Aldons (bagpipes, accordion, celtic harp, and cello)

Phos 'n' Phon (2 flutes)

Flourish (2 violins)

7 miles (2 trumpets)

David of the White Rock (arr.) (cello and piano)


(SATB a capella unless otherwise indicated)

The Art of Memory (SSATB)



On a Bank of Flowers

Bonny Doon

Sweet Afton



Bonie Bell

Three Years

The Winter it is Past

A Life in a Day (SATB and piano)

When the Thorn Blows (SATB and piano)

The Shades of Eve are Falling (SATB and piano)

Solstice (SATB and organ)

Jazz Works - Missa Brevis (SATB and organ)

A Star as Bright as Day (SATB and organ)

Ammonite (SATB and organ)

One World (Lyric Cantata for Soprano, Baritone, SATB and Small Orchestra)


The Tree Calendar (13 songs - mezzo, piano, and string quartet)

Stone Maze (soprano, clarinet and piano)

What Brynach Saw (piano, harp, and baritone)

A Concert of Chinese Music on R3 (flute, piano, and baritone)