Celtic Fanfares (large orch. 32 mins)

Overland to the Sea (medium orch. 8 mins)

Ghost Train (large orch. 12 mins)

Micro Symphony (medium orch. 10 mins)

E.G.G (large orch. 6 mins)

The Great Little Trains of Wales  (large orch. 24 mins)

High Aldons (large orch. 6 mins)

Voice with Orchestra

In a Blue Sky (soprano & med. orch. 4 mins)

Entwined  (soprano & small orch.)

Maze Sone  (soprano & small orch.)


Cello with Orchestra

Wistful Elegy (cello & small orch.)

Arboles Llorando (with horns, piano, harp and strings. 6.20)